How To Apply Lipstick – Maybelline Lipstick – How To Apply Red Lipstick


Red is the color of which perfectly suits with the word erotic. Red is the color with which you can turn tables but you can also turn the gazes to yourself whenever you enter a gathering. It holds the power to capture the gazes and hold them to you.

You will think that what is so special in the color red and the reality is that girls or the female species will never be able to understand the attraction because the appeal is only felt and understood by the males.

The intensity with which the red color attracts guys is very powerful that is why red nail polish or red lipstick is the most powerful and most easy way to keep red on yourself and for that, you need the shade if red which is most attractive.

To find the best red lipstick you don’t need to surf the internet and neither do you need to run to all your previous old stuff. All you have to do is to get yourself indulged in having some fun of some quality shopping.

Get inside your favorite cosmetic shop and buy yourself the perfect red lipstick which goes beautifully with your skin enhancing your complexion. The lipstick can be a shiny one or a sparkly one or it can simply be a smooth red lipstick giving you the perfect silky soft looking lips which are announcing themselves the best kissable one’s available in the party.

 Applying lipstick is a very delicate art. If you fail to do it correctly you will soon lose the attraction of your lips. If the quality of the lipstick is not a good one and if your lipstick does not contain the so or a sun blocking vitamin then your beautiful pink lips will start to take a darker shade slowly going towards black which can be pretty horrible so your lipstick must be of a very good company.

How To Apply Lipstick?

To apply lipsticks beautifully use it with a lip liner. The liner can be in contrast or it can be a combination and thirdly it can be of just the same color which means that it can also be red which is the sexiest choice.

Now apply the lip liner on the edges of your lips enhancing the cuts and ups of your lips and then fill or color the rest of your lips with your lipstick and merge them both perfectly but in a manner that the edges of your lips are being prominent and are enhanced.

It is very good to use a shiny shade to look all funky or perked up but if you are a fan of the matte makeup then go for the matte shade of your red.

Once you have applied the lipstick the most obvious and important fact is to carry yourself with a graceful poise of confidence so that the guys will get your sexy and you to know it attitude making them confused for a change. They will get the idea that they will have to play hard to get this on their side.