Buyers Guide for Best Skin Care Products


Skin is considered as the most sensitive part of our body that is why extra care is needed for its maintenance. You cannot apply any ream or lotion on your skin blindly as it may cause any damage to it. Every year thousands of people become the victim of low quality skin care products available in the market. These products contain dangerous chemicals and steroids in them that sometimes lead to skin burn.

Choosing a right skin care product is the most difficult decision as apart from price you have to consider various things such as its effectiveness, its brand image, its possible side effects etc. Your little carelessness can lead to severe skin damage. This guide will help you in choosing the best skin care products as I will be telling you some of the best skin care brands but before this I must share common mistakes done by customers while buying skin care products so that you may not repeat these mistakes.

The first mistake we make is that we buy that skin care product which is most expensive thinking it to be best. A product which is expensive is not always best so remove this thing from your mind that all the high quality products are expensive.

Majority of us also buy any particular skin product after seeing an advertisement of his or her favorite actress using it. Actors and actresses get money for promoting these products so if they are saying that I use this product then it does not mean that they actually use it in their daily life so stop becoming fool.

Majority of us take a skin care product straight away if its outer cover or packing says that it is made from natural ingredients or it is organic as various companies write false statement just to attract people. It is better to read the ingredients to know whether it is an organic product or not.

Some people spend hours searching for the skin products that are made for a particular skin type say for dry or oily skin which is yet another big mistake. Instead of finding a product made for a specific skin type, you should buy a product that is equally effective for all skin types. These are come most common mistakes which need to be avoided while buying skin care products.

Before sharing some of the best skin care products with you, I must clear one thing. I do not guarantee that these are the only best skin products available in the market. I only know that they are made by well known companies with strong brand image, huge experience and extensive research.

These products have gained popularity worldwide due to their effectiveness, affordability and zero side effects. Following is a brief overview of best skin care products till this date.


L’Oreal is a well known name having skin care brand with the name of L’Oreal Paris. The best thing about it is that apart from high quality it offers affordable prices as compared to other top brands. A large number of skin care products come under this brand.

These products are not only made for improving skin but also maintaining its health. Not only this, you can also buy these products for removing wrinkles, dark spots and various other signs of anti aging.


OLAY is yet another great skin care brand that is offering various skin care products particularly for old people or those who are moving towards old age. This creams and lotions are considered to have anti aging effects in them that make our skin look younger and beautiful. Its brands include Complete.

Olay professionals, total effects, Regenerist and white radiance. Olay targets women at or above the age of 30. U may say that OLAY is an anti aging skin care brand.


It is basically a French brand that is known worldwide for its skin care products. It is considered an exclusive skin care brand as it offers best results for skin of all types. The best or you may say unique thing about this brand is that all of the skin care products made under this brand are plant based that is they are made by using different parts of plants.

CLARINS have a team of 80 researchers who work day and night testing various plants in order to make new products and enhance the existing ones. Some of its most popular skin products include extra firming day lifting cream, shaping facial lift serum, gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed, day cream etc.


Clinique is said to be the only skin care product line offered by Estee Laude Corporation that is fully tested for any possible allergies and it is also unique in that it does not have any fragrant in it.

Moreover, it has gone through extensive testing before coming into the market. So you can buy it without fearing of any side effects. As it is fully safe for people of all skin types. Clinique not only cleanses our skin but also exfoliates and moisturizes. It so you may say that it is all in one. Some of the most common skin products that comes under this product line includes Repairwear, Even Better, Acne Solutions, Pore Refining, Redness Solutions, Radiance and Moisture Surge.


SHISEIDO is a Japanese company which has the privilege to be the world’s oldest skin care line and fourth largest cosmetic company of the whole world.

The ingredients used in its skin care line are safe and sound. Its products are more popular among old women as it removes aging effects from your skin. So if you are looking for anti aging skin care product then, you must use its product line.

Its most popular skin care products include Elixir Superieur for Women. Eudermine is the oldest skin care product of this brand which is still popular among women. You can easily buy it from the market.

These are some of the best skin products available in the market so instead of using low quality products. You must use any of these products in order to get maximum benefits.