Nida Yasir Husband & Son’s Dressing Viral on Social Media


Nida Yasir Husband & Son’s Dressing Viral on Social Media, Nida Pasha known as Nida Yasir, is a famous Pakistani actress. She is also doing one of the Pakistan famous morning transmission in which she gain lot of respect. One of the reason her popularity is her marriage with well known artist and producer Yasir Nawaz.

Nida Yasir and her husband celebrate the Eid out of country with their children. They all wear very casual and irregular clothes. Someone post their video on internet and it goes viral everywhere. People make of fun on their dressing sense, people are laughing and joking on them.

Nida become born on the twelfth of october in 1975 in karachi. She is a karachite by using all approach and functions considering this is wherein she has spent all her existence. She has completed her training from karachi college. She has two sisters and one brother. Her father kazim pasha became a well-known pakistani director and hence, nida had spent loads of her adolescence occurring the units to look his paintings. Her younger sister, sawera pasha is a sports commentator.