Skin Care Tips for Men and Women


It is a well known saying that beauty lies in the eye of viewer but still we are always conscious about our looks.

According to the results of a survey done by a reliable source, people spend more than half of their total earnings on buying various beauty products and the interesting thing is that men are also included in it.

Although, women are perceived to be over conscious about their personality but now a day’s men are also very particular about their looks and that can easily be proved by seeing the success of various beauty products that are only made for men. No one wants to look old that is why people start using various beauty products when they enter in to their forties.

The secret of beauty lies in our skin. No matter how smart or sexy you are, only a fresh skin free of wrinkles and pimples can make you younger and beautiful. Unfortunately, majority of the people do not take care of their skin properly.

A large number of skin care products are available in the market that are said to give maximum results within minimum time. I am not saying that these products do not give required results, what I am trying to say is that these results remain for shorter time period after which your skin becomes even more dark and rough as these products mainly contain various steroids and other dangerous chemicals in them.

I am sure, most of you have heard various skin care tips from any dermatologist or read about them in any magazine but have you ever acted upon them? Majority of us do not take our skin seriously until it any serious disease or problem occurs which is definitely not a good practice. Some people on the other hand apply every tip or suggestion or formula on their face and skin that can make them younger without thinking about its side effects.

Always remember, not every cream, lotion, cleanser or skin care product suits your skin so you must consult your skin specialist without using any new skin care product. Apparently our skin looks same but the skin of men is harder and rougher as compared to women.

In the same way children or youngsters have soft and silky skin as compared to men and women so you should use skin products according to your age and gender.

As skin is an important part of our body so we must take extra care of it. I have gathered some information about maintaining skin health particularly that of our face skin. These skin care tips will definitely help you in looking much younger and beautiful.

Starting with the women as women comes first, women have soft skin as compared to men and to be honest they also have more option to consider. They can go to the parlor for a cleansing or face polish. Not only this, they have plenty of time to use some herbal formulas on their skin as herbal creams and lotions do not have any side effects.

The interesting thing is that you can use some of the food items as well on your skin especially on your face. For instance, avocados, eggs, honey, yogurt and even milk are really good for your skin.

You can either apply them separately on your skin or make their mixture. Apart from this, I also apply the gel present in Aloe Vera on my skin for at least 15 minutes. You may also make a paste of gram flour by adding rose water in it and apply it on your face. It improves your complexion and makes your skin softer.

Only a few people know that pumpkin is a natural cleanser for our skin as it makes our skin glowing. Men may also use pumpkin for skin care. If you have a dry skin then you may also use olive oil. Just pour its few drops in your bath tub as it helps in removing white spots from the skin which are very common among people who have dry skin. Oatmeal or coffee along with a sugar is also a perfect mixture for your skin.

Apart from using some of the above mentioned homemade skin and face masks, men may also use lotion and creams that are specially made for them. Majority of the men avoid using any skin care lotion or cream.

If your husband or boy friend is also one of them then create a habit of cleansing the face in them as cleansing is very important both for women as well as men. Men should cleanse their skin after every shave. Here is one more tip, instead of using a strong deodorant on face, it is better to apply a moisturizing lotion to overcome the roughness present in your skin. When it comes to face skin then men should be extra careful while shaving.

It is generally suggested to wash face with hot water before applying shaving cream. As men are more exposed to sun due to nature of their work so, they should be extra careful. If you work in open environment then you must use sun screen lotion on your face, arms and hands as these body parts are directly exposed to sun.

Apart from this, no matter what your age on gender is, you should take healthy diet and perform exercise on regular basis as these things although seems irrelevant but they have a direct effect on our skin. Now when I have shard these skin care tips with you then I must tell you about organic skin care as it is a growing approach these days.

Majority of the people have switched towards organic skin care products due to the extraordinary benefits provided by them. These products are made by natural means without using any dangerous chemicals or steroids.

These products are made on believing the fact that nature offers the best. So if you are extra conscious about your skin health and you do not want to take any risk then I suggest you to use organic skin products instead of conventional products available in the market.