Some extracts from the book of Reham Khan


Some extracts from the book of Reham Khan, Who is it that you think everyone knows a lot about her. Reham Khan is a media anchor.  Reham Khan reporting about Weather in previous Country. Reham Khan is not a Pakistani, she lived in a foreign country. Reham Khan is a news anchor.

Later, Reham Khan shifted to Pakistan and started workin in Pakistani media.Very soon, it has reached a very good place and people like it  in the Pakistani media industry.  Reham Khan worked in many Pakistani channels. Later, she got married to Imran Khan, the famous Pakistani politician. But this marriage could not last for long and both of them became divorced. But here Reham Khan write a book to take revenge from Imran khan.

She wrote a very dirty book in this book to take revenge from imean khan. In that book she wrote that Imran Khan has pregnant many women of his party. What does it mean to say that Imran has a relationship with a lot of girls.